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Feb 05, 2010


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awww, your photos remind ME of home while i live abroad.
i know your sigh, i hear it in my own voice many times xxxx

I had to come over and check your blog out after you left your kind comment. Now I think I'll be returning... I know the struggle to live abroad (but I definitely envy where you are now! I love the northeast.) You pictures and especially your art is just beautiful. I hope you continue to find bits of joy in your days.

You are able to capture these "common" {at least to us Americans} scenes in such a beautiful way and make me rethink them as perhaps...not so ordinary...

And is so COLD here!

Ik kom via via zo even op je blog en geniet van al je mooie foto's !! En wat een mooi meisje !! Jammer dat je ouders weer naar huis zijn, maar jullie hebben vast genoten. Een groet uit een eveneens wit nederland :-D

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