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Apr 10, 2010


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I have yet to come up w/ a good system for the kids artwork. I do have a lot of it in colorful frames where their toys are... but the rest kind of cycle from the fridge to even taped to the kitchen cabinets :)
She did a marvelous job!! I know what you mean, we had 90's on Wednesday and today we needed jackets and winter hats. Crazy!

Het weer is inderdaad hier ook zo wisselvallig, en wat een temperatuurverschil he!
Kobus heeft al wel een paar keer geverfd op het kinderdagverblijf, maar nog niet thuis. Moet ik toch maar eens doen, als ik Ayanna's kunstwerken zo zie!

What a beautiful blog! And your daughter is such a sweetie! may I ask how old she is? Mine is 13 months. She is just beginning to get interested in coloring. I need to get out some paints for her too. Can you recommend good finger paints?

Gorgeous photo of your little artist! You are so fortunate to have found blogging when your girlie is so young - it is a beautiful way to document your days and the growth stages of kiddos. Thank you for visiting my blog - you have a beautiful space here. We are currently looking to move out of the starter home we bought 11 yrs ago and i cannot help but notice the beautiful, clear light in your home, esp. your kitchen. Have a wonderful day!

it's so hard to part with those first way to hang on to the memory of all their beautiful artwork is to photograph it(as you already have done) and send all your photos to a company that will bind the photos into a book (like snapfish). That way it's neatly organized in one space. Of course you'll want to hang on to some of the originals, but this will cut down on the number. We use old drawings and paintings for other art projects, for making cards, or we'll use it as gift wrapping paper...we've even made gift bags, folded paintings into boxes my boys have loved turning their artwork into other things. there is something so precious about those first pieces though...:)

It is starting to feel a lot more like Winter over here, so I know the warmth is on it's way to you.

Wat een pracht exemplaren, Ayanna's eerst schilderwerken! Moet het hier toch ook eens proberen met zoonlief...

inlijsten, je hebt gelijk hoor!! (en voor straks: een map met showmappen kopen voor de tekeningen en foto's maken van de 3D kunst, dat is onze tactiek tenminste)

wow Ayanna's art is so free and beautiful! looks like she inherited her mom's gift =)

Thanks for mentioning me to Little Lovely, it sounds like fun.

Mooi! Echt waar. Alleen haar hand is al mooi, met al die mooie kleuren erop :-O Goed bewaren hoor, die schilderkunst!

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