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I am "mama Ayanna".
I choose this name for my blog, as I am the mother of our precious little one, named "Ayanna". I have a love for the African continent, especially East Africa. There I would be referred to as "mama Ayanna", always named after your first born child. I also am mother to another little love, a boy. His name is Gabe.

The Netherlands used to be my home country (and it will always be in heart!). It is where I was born and grew up.

I LOVE to travel, explore and did much of this throughout my life. I am a Christian, a dreamer and a nomad. I like to be "dazzled" by sudden unexpected changes in life, that take you on a road you would not have even thought of before. I am very interested in other cultures, rituals, religions, languages and people. I love art, attended art academy for three years, worked as a flight attendant, spend a few months in Tanzania working with orphans and streetchildren, got married to my soulmate, Josiah, in 2007.

Today I live in the state of NY and stay home with our children. I try to free time to paint, draw and be creative. I mostly work on commision.

"Mamaayanna" is a regular update on things that make me feel so blessed in life, that inspire me and keep me busy. A glimps into my/our daily life abroad, keeping our family and friends far away well informed...

"African "safari"" will keep you updated on and hopefully interested in the journeys we take to Africa, the work God has done through us there and the schooling project that is growing.

"Art" is the place where I can post some of my work.


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