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Dec 17, 2009


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Lilian, your blog is beautiful. I love the ornament at the top of the page! I also love the pics of the change in your house. The curved archway between your kitchen and living room is so artfully done. Beautiful

Your last sentence is so true! Writing/blogging calms the mind and put things in perspective.
Nice home you have.
In a month we get the keys to our new home and I can't wait to start painting.

Bedankt voor je lieve woorden op mijn Blog, ik was nieuwsgierig :o) dus heb even bij je rondgekeken, een wereldburger indeed. Kom zeker nog eens langs. Fijne dagen vanuit een wit Nederland. Karin

what a big difference that wall made! so glad you went ahead with it...
so for me 2009 was a miracle year. the year my baby was born 3 months early and the faith we had to have as we watched him lay in that incubator for 52 days. it's a miracle and a gift from God that he's so big and healthy now.

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