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Aug 21, 2010


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oh my, so sweet! love that the senior's sang to her ;) what a special day it must have been!

such lovely photos and what a great blog, thanks for stopping by and sharing this with me. Yes, living abroad here in Sydney. Never easy to be away from friends and family but what a wonderful adventure living in a new place! x

I like your new header.
It's all about making memories and your daughter will have wonderful ones. She does look like a little shirley temple. I love her curly hair. I love the decorations. Where did you find the t-shirt with number 2? and that cake, do you made it? great way to incorporate fruits.
Wishing your daughter a happy birthday and many more sweet memories.

don't rush with the email. I understand about the nesting. so there will be plenty of time.

Ps. cute dress too. can you tell I adore every single photo?

Wat een gezelligheid spat van het scherm af.Allemaal blije gezichtjes.Het zal vermoeiend geweest zijn maar wat ziet Ayanna er stralend uit.
Daar wordt oma blij van:-)

Aah, nog gefeliciteerd! Mooie foto's!

what a party! it was so much fun! Asa loved it... he can't wait to turn 2 like his little cousin =) and the cake was really amazing, great job Lil!

Nog een dikke proficiat aan Ayanna!

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