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Oct 28, 2010


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Wat een mooi lief stukje. Dank dank!!!
Ja ...65.... maar ik voel me nog zo jong..haha.

Met alle liefde als mama en oma heb ik jullie geholpen en GENOTEN heb ik er van.

Zeker vandaag..mijn verjaardag.

Dikke knuffel van mama/oma/Jes

www what a dear and sweet post for your Mom. Happy Birthday to your Mom! She looks so happy with You and her grandchildren.
You are right, Mother's are gold: so precious and genuine. I'm glad your parents were able to come and visit you.

sending you hugs!

I can attest to Lilian’s portrayal of you from personal observations. Plus it should also be said what an interesting woman, hostess, and friend you are. La multi ani! Enjoy your day and the years to come.

This is really beautiful as are you, your Mother and family. Great pics also!

Proficiat voor de 65 jarige oma!
Wat een mooi geschreven stukje, ik kreeg er spontaan de tranen van in de ogen...

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